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Concept and philosophy

"Mentana's purpose is to provoke feelings and perturbations... winning the customer first of all through its heart"


Patrizia Lanzarotti is an Interiors-architect and designer starting her activity with trade name Ara & partners in 2007,

Born in Lombardia, she has been living and working in Milan for more than twenty years, but she has
exported her “feature” and her ability both in Italy and abroad.
In her projects she succeeds in combining a mix of exclusive characteristics (aesthetic sensibility, functional solutions and creativity) de-riving also from her long time experience of life and work in Tuscany, where she specialized with success in the refitting of farm and old hamlet. In the meantime she carried out some projects in the United States featuring an exclusive design and by the capacity to unite at best past and present time.
The passion for art and perfection for the artifact, induced her to deepen the artistic culture and the building tradition of the ancient “mastri” and allowed her to achieve that unique and indispensable merger between a craftsman and an artist.

“Whenever possible, I would like thoughts and realizations to have a double meaning : one the first hand a meaning that is truly functional, on the other hand something highly artistic as it is my requirement to give a UNIQUE, INTIMATE AND ENGAGING welcome, with great respect for the place and its surroundings, accompanying the guest during his stay, to live the  environment, art and design in a dialogue with continuously mutating spaces..."

Franco Rocchi